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Ižanska cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel: 01/2807 600
Fax: 01/2807 620
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On Monday 14 May 2012 BIC Ljubljana was given a basic Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate. We successfully completed the procedure by cooperating with Ekvilib Institute by adopting 12 measures for a better time management of private life and career of our employees. We prepared a plan for implementing measures that will be completed in the next three years.

Measure No. Name of the Measure Area No. Area Name
1 child time bonus 1 working time
2 health protection measurements 2 work organisation
3 communication with employees 4 politics of communication and information
4 communication with external audiences 4 politics of communication and information
5 opinion polls among employees 4 politics of communication and information
6 doors open day 4 politics of communication and information
7 education/providing information to the those in charge of coordinating work and family 5 management skills
(leadership strategy-/philosophy)
8 evaluation of the supervisors of departments by the workers 5 management skills
(leadership strategy-/philosophy)
9 including topics such as coordinating professional and family life in annual performance appraisals 6 human resources
10 maternity grant 7 structure of payment and remuneration
11 children in the organisation 8 services for families
12 giving presents to children at New Year 8 services for families