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Ižanska cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana
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Our long and rich tradition dates back to the end of the 18th century when Dr. Janez Bleiweis set the roots of veterinary education in Slovenia. Thanks to the initiative of the Agricultural Association in Kranj, two schools were founded: Animal Husbandry in 1848, followed by Horseshoeing School in 1850. Classes were held in the Slovenian language. Besides its educational mission, the school symbolised a pillar of our national awareness. In 1947, a new School of Veterinary Technology was established in Mestni log, Ljubljana.

In 1982 High School of Animal Husbandry and Food Processing was founded after having added three additional educational programmes to the existing Veterinary Technician: Agricultural Technician, Food Technician and the Food Industry Worker.

The implementation of new educational programmes resulted in an increased number of students and consequently High School of Animal Husbandry and Food Processing became too small. Back then the only temporary solution was to relocate students and staff to High School Centre in Kamnik.

In 1991, after only seven months, a new school was built in Mestni Log, one of the most pleasant green areas of Ljubljana, located in the vicinity of veterinary clinics. Due to the lack of space, the classes operated in two sessions; morning and afternoon.

The ever growing interest in the vocations of veterinary technician, confectioner, baker and butcher led to a higher number of enrolled students and departments were expanded. Therefore in 1994, 180 students took classes in the third shift and were temporary relocated to The Trnovo Elementary School. In the school year 1998/1999, the programme of General Upper Secondary School was added.

In 2005 the Ministry of Education and Sport enabled the construction of a new school on Ižanska Cesta, located opposite the Botanical Gardens. All the Food Technology Programmes were relocated there. The school was then renamed Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana. Besides General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School, School of Food Processing, the programmes were expanded and The Centre of Adult Education and Vocational College were opened.

In the academic year 2006/07, the first generation of students was enrolled in the programme of Food Technology and Nutrition. In 2008/09 Higher Education Programme of Catering and Tourism was implemented as part-time studies and a year later it became a full-time programme. In 2009 the vocational programme of Nature Protection was launched.

In 2009 The Centre of Adult Education was transformed into Inter-Company Training Centre, which strengthened our partnership with a variety of companies.