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Ižanska cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel: 01/2807 600
Fax: 01/2807 620
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Our mission is to offer students and adult learners high quality education by providing them with material and human potentials as well as autonomy/independence. We aim to promote critical thinking and creativity as well as school community spirit. In addition to acquiring general knowledge and professional expertise, we help students to develop working habits, thus enabling them to successfully pursue their professional career or further studies.

By implementing student-centred teaching we are dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual. Teachers as well as other staff are encouraged to pursue continuous professional development through participation in seminars and teaching workshops. Our primary goal is to ensure a healthy working environment for students, adult learners as well as the staff, hence our commitment to continuous improvement of equipment and facilities.

Satisfaction of our students, adult learners and the staff is a reflection of our success. Once students successfully complete their education and develop their future career, our mission is accomplished.