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The programme is designed to meet the needs of our students and help them successfully complete their vocational education. Our main goal is to provide high quality education by establishing solid partnerships with the companies that participate in carrying out practical training and help put theory into practice. Such partnerships are comparable to the European standards of good practice and are particularly welcome in the field of vocational education which is to train students for practical needs.

Together with well-experienced lecturers and training experts our objective is to adapt the educational programme to the needs of the labour market and the economy in central Slovenia as well as cultivate friendly relations that will promote understanding and cooperation of all involved.

Educational programmes of higher vocational studies have been reformed in accordance with the Bologna and the Copenhagen Declaration.

Vocational College at the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana offers two educational programmes:

1. FOOD TECHNOLOGY AND NUTRITION (Higher/Post-secondary vocational education - 2 years)

Upon the successful completion of Vocational College (this programme), students are awarded the title of Food Technology and Nutrition Engineer.

Learning modules:


P11 – Meat Technology
P12 – Milk Technology
P13 - Cereals Processing Technology
P14 - Plant Based Food Technology


P15 – Nutrition and Dietetics
P16 – Technology and Organisation of Food EstablishmentsIMG_ ŽP VSŠ 1P17 - Nutrition, Gastronomy and Culinary Art
P18 - Food Composition, Food Quality and Food Technology
P19 - Food Marketing
P20 - Environmental Management in Food Science and Nutrition 
P21 – Food Catering and Consumerism
P22 - Technology of Industrially Prepared Dishes
P23 – Wine Technology
P24 – Food Analysis
P25 - Hygiene Techniques and Materials
P26 – Winery

2. HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM (Higher/Post-secondary vocational education - 2 years)

After successful completion of this programme, students are awarded the title of Hospitality and Tourism Manager

Learning modules:P4052711

M3 Environmental Protection
P7 Introduction to Gastronomy
P8 Tourism Geography and Cultural Heritage
M4 Culinary and Food Serving Skills
P9 Cookery and Work Organisation, Part 1
P10 Serving Food and Work Organisation, Part 1
D2 Practical Training 2

Pogrinjki_3_JanezM5 Introduction to Catering

P11 Introduction to Cookery
P12 Introduction to Serving Food
D2 Practical Training 2
M6 Marketing
P13 Fundamentals of Project Management
P14 Marketing in Tourism
P15 Foreign Language Marketing Terminology 2P4052806
M7 Management in Catering and Tourism
P16 Management of Accommodation and Food Establishments
P17 Management of Hotels and Tourist Agencies
D3 Practical Education 3
M8 Projects in Catering and Tourism
P18 Gastronomy
P19 Cookery and Work Organisation 2
P20 Serving Food and Work Organisation Part 2
D4 Practical Training 4
M9 F & B
P21 Food & Beverages
P22 Organisation of Catering Events
P23 Bartending Basics
P24 Harmony of Flavours
D4 Practical Training 4
M10 Projects in Tourism
P25 Foreign Language Tourism Terminology 3Boat
P26 Complementary Tourism Services
D4 Practical Training 4
M11 Conference Tourism
P25 Foreign Language Conference Tourism Terminology 3
P27 Basics of Conference Tourism
P28 Technical Standards in Conference Tourism
P29 Congress Organization
D4 Practical Training 4DSC_0027
M12 Wellness Tourism
P25 Foreign Language Wellness Tourism Terminology 3
P30 Wellness Tourism
P31 Culinary Art and Vitality
D4 Practical Training 4